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Apr 272013

In the winter time, I do some short track inline speed skating up in Kansas. About 10 times per practice, every practice, I hear shouts of “Champions train like champions!” We laugh now, because we hear it so often it has become somewhat of a joke; but it is a true statement. The fastest skaters Continue Reading «Champions»

Apr 252013

I like to catch up on news and research updates while eating my lunch. Recently, I read a very well-written article regarding the Paleo diet, and one statement inparticular caught my attention. When he stated that weight management is 80-90% diet, I almost choked on the Dorito I was eating. At multiple times, the author indicated Continue Reading «Balance»

Apr 172013
Embrace It

I recently qualified for the CrossFit Games North Central Regional. I placed sixth out of thousands of girls in an eleven state area. It is quite an honor and accomplishment. Training is something I take seriously. Training is something I love. Training is something that is HARD. Some people don’t understand why CrossFit athletes do Continue Reading «Embrace It»


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Apr 152013

I saw the news about Boston this afternoon. I’m sitting here, trying to come up with something light, motivational or instructive to write about. And all I can think about is Boston…and pondering. Wondering. I used to wonder what it would feel like to run that marathon. One of such magnitude, that you have to Continue Reading «Wondering»