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Apr 282013

If this is how you feel towards the world before your run, you may want to take a moment to chill:

Some of these points are from personal experience or reactions from running when my runner friends and I proceed to start a run angry.
Before I dip into these, first things first: If you want to make someone NOT calm down, tell them to calm down.

1.) “Well, my mom was angry at my dad and me, so when she went out for her run she proceeded to hammer it and had to call us to pick her up not much later from exhaustion.” –Nick C.

How she probably felt later that evening:


2.) “Being already agitated, I was hearing shouts from a plus size guy eating outside with family or friends at my local sonic, ‘Run Forrest, Run!’ Without hesitation, and in no mood for this daily heckling: ‘Eat Chunky, Eat’. The look on his face and his speechlessness, ‘Priceless’” -Anonymous

3.) Being at a local road race and racing poorly, a local found himself over by the runners making snipe remarks, “Running’s so bad for your knees”, as he pointed in my direction. A simple response: “Perhaps, but being 350 pounds is worse.” Not a word. This one’s just worded confusing. Is the “local” and the “my” the same person? (I know it’s not, just making a point.) Also sounds like it’s the other runner is making the snipe remarks and not him. Maybe specify that the “local” is the one being a jerk and make it more clear that he is the one receiving the rebuttal. – A cranky me

4.) “After scoring a fairly low grade on an exam, I was annoyed, agitated, and tired from studying. My focus was off, and I was running harder than need be, which also threw my focus off. I proceeded to gaze over at a bird- well under 5:20 mile pace- when “WHAM”, straight into a street sign to such an extent that I was hurled back onto the ground. Luckily, the concrete sidewalk broke my fall.” – A painful moment of mine

5.) “Being angered by one of the top foreigner girls on the team, (Top local D1 school) she was out hammering the pace in front of me and the other guys. 10 miles later and dead legs, I realized it was a bad idea to run off anger and try to chase after her… Live and Learn” –Bryan Wilson

6.) “Well whenever I run mad, I usually just keep building up whatever is making me mad more and more. Eventually I gather the courage to confront it. Let alone, it usually goes wrong after the run.” Not sure whatcha mean? -Kevin Schwab

7.) I tend to respond overly sarcastic to dumb questions when people bother me on a run. Below are various answers I have given to shouts of,

“Hey bud/man/bro/kid, why you running?”:

- “Did you not see that guy with the rusty cleaver?!”

- “I’m running from the law.”

- “The name’s Forrest, Forrest Gump.”


In case you’re still adjusting to my sense of humor, watch this, it’s ‘cool’: http://youtu.be/oZHBSBG7RSs


- Clay J. Mayes The 3rd

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