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May 312013
Outer Knee Taping: IT Band

We’ve heard about it, experienced it, or known someone who has had it. That’s right: IT band problems. I remember my first major IT band experience. We were in a group run. I had a sudden searing pain in the outer part of my lower thigh near my outer knee. I hobbled and I limped. Continue Reading «Outer Knee Taping: IT Band»

May 292013
The Good, The Bad, and The Better

Maintaining a commitment to a lifestyle of health and fitness is an ongoing battle.  Some days are definitely easier than others.  Don’t you love it when you wake up and actually feel like working out?  It’s easy to click off the alarm instead of hitting snooze and head out the door for another fun-filled calorie Continue Reading «The Good, The Bad, and The Better»

May 282013
Weight Lifting for Runners: Biceps

The last post in the series focused on the importance of a weight training regimen and why exactly it is good for us. I also shared some basic shoulder exercises and explained exactly why those exercises were beneficial to runners. In this post, I will continue to focus on the upper body, in particular, the biceps. As Continue Reading «Weight Lifting for Runners: Biceps»

May 272013
Cross-Training for Mountain Biking

I love to ride my mountain bike, and supplement training with my road bike as well. But I believe an often-neglected part of training for mountain bikers is strength training. With the demands of trail riding, a strong core and base strength is very important. Here are my favorite exercises for supplementing trail riding: 1.) Continue Reading «Cross-Training for Mountain Biking»