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May 202013

It’s easy to wuss out of training. Long work hours, school projects, family, and other commitments make it easy to skip a day here and there. I’m guilty of packing up my karate gear in preparation for a class and wishing for just a moment that I wasn’t responsible for a group of people that evening. They have expectations and I am responsible. But oh, to just have the night off instead.

Sometimes those responsibilities get heavy. Shrugging them off to gain back a bit of freedom seems quite appealing. After much thought, my perspective shifted: responsibility equals influence. Instead of thinking of my commitments as “freedom lost”, I started understanding that it’s influence gained. Each evening given over to a class is another opportunity. My attitude towards that opportunity will dictate whether the evening is spent or invested. Am I just putting in my time for three plus hours, or am I doing my best to help my friends reach their potential? Kind of humbling.

Outside of the dojo, the same principle holds true. Instead of thinking of projects being “dumped on me”, I like to think of them as tasks I am entrusted with. There is a big difference. Instead of giving up freedom, I can see it as gaining the freedom to influence.

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