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Moore Prayers

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May 202013

Today I had planned to write an update on my progress. However, something much larger than myself happened today. Today, being the 20th of the month, I was preparing my monthly billing when I received a call from my wife asking me to come home early. It was about 1 pm when I got her call, and she asked that I be home by 2 o’clock. Severe weather was expected.

I made it home by 2:00, and shortly after, we went to pick up our oldest daughter from school. When we arrived to her school, it was frantic. The parking lot was full, with parents rushing in and out to get their children. As we pulled into our driveway, the hail started and the winds picked up. Thankfully, our neighbors have a storm shelter and graciously open it up to us any time a storm moves in.

We waited. We listened. We watched what we could via our cell phones. The winds picked up. Then – everything seemed incredibly still. No wind, no noise, no rain. We waited until we got texts from friends and family telling us it was okay to come out. When we came out, our yards were covered with debris. Shingles, insulation, pictures, plywood, scattered throughout the neighborhood. But – it wasn’t from the houses within our neighborhood, but houses a mile away.

We were the lucky ones. My wife and I both are sitting in front of the television watching the news and fighting the tears as we hear about the families and children who have lost their lives. As a parent, it is hard to hear about any child losing their life, and not in one way or another feel incredibly fortunate that you have your little one with you and they are safe. I cannot imagine what those directly affected by the tornado are going through- but they are in my prayers.

We have setup a way of donating to the recovery efforts of Moore via our OKC ProAm registration page. If you would like to contribute to this cause, please, follow the link below.

Should you not have a USA Cycling account, please, leave a message in the comments and I’d be happy to provide you a mailing address.

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