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May 272013

I love to ride my mountain bike, and supplement training with my road bike as well. But I believe an often-neglected part of training for mountain bikers is strength training. With the demands of trail riding, a strong core and base strength is very important.

Here are my favorite exercises for supplementing trail riding:

1.) medicine ball slams or wood choppers

2.) rope crunches

gym training

3.) leg lifts

4.) chin-ups

5.) bench split-squats


6.) push-ups

7.) dumbbell dead lift


I like to start with core work so I can focus on keeping my core tight on the other exercises. I typically do between 6-10 reps on each exercise, and I like to perform each rep very deliberately. Typically, I’ll try to do the positive movement in 1 or 2 seconds, and then do 3+ seconds on the negative. I perform the circuit twice with about 30 seconds between each set, and a couple minutes between each circuit.

The goal is to supplement strength, not to “get sore”. Focus on form, 4 perfect reps are much better than 10 reps with poor form.

For other great ideas and exercises check out:
James Wilson at

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