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May 142013
Injuries and Athletes: How To Cope and Encourage

Throughout my recovery of my knee injury, I’ve been seeing sports doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors. You name it, I’ve been there.  I have been receiving numerous emails and texts from friends and family for ideas, stretches, shoe inserts and more to help with my problem.  But now, after 5 weeks of recovery, and still having the same Continue Reading «Injuries and Athletes: How To Cope and Encourage»

May 132013
Post Card Moments

Our team arrived home from Alaska last week. It’s fun starting a paragraph like that. I have the honor of working for a nonprofit organization focused on international and local missions and benevolence. Most clubs are in Texas and Oklahoma, with Tulsa as the hub, but we also have karate clubs in Taiwan, the Philippines, Continue Reading «Post Card Moments»


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May 092013

  How does stillness come from movement? How do you find silence in the midst of noise? I don’t understand how, but I can testify that it does happen. When I run or ride, I find peace. My life involves noise…lots of it. Noise can be unwanted, loud and full of too much information. Some Continue Reading «Noise»