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Jun 262013
Breaking Stuff

One of the fun parts of karate is the opportunity for well supervised destruction. Who doesn’t love the crack of pine boards recently cut by a confused home improvement supply specialist? I love confounding them. “You need these cut how long? Are you making tiny shelves?” One of the many joys of teaching is seeing Continue Reading «Breaking Stuff»

Jun 212013
External Crutches Lead to Internal Problems

“Hey there buddy, what are you doing?” I asked as I walked by a dude doing some pretty crazy looking leg raises. “Just some abs,” he replies, “I’m really trying to get my core in shape for the summer”. Not surprised by his response I ask, “Why do you have your hands under your hips?” Continue Reading «External Crutches Lead to Internal Problems»


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Jun 202013

If you haven’t tried the TRX Rip Trainer and you like the option of training indoors and out, then you may get hooked on this tool like I am. Just like the TRX Suspension Trainer, the Rip is designed to train life and sport movements. You can use it like the Suspension Trainer and attach Continue Reading «Get RIPPED!»