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Jun 212013

According to West Des Moines Therapy & Consulting, the purpose of therapy is to find a “safe” haven to tackle your inner most thoughts and feelings and then seek resolution for those unresolved.

Running is my therapy.  I remember the day that I stumbled upon it.

It was a beautiful, crisp morning, but I wasn’t taking in any of the beauty.  Instead, I was circling my kitchen island stressed out.  Thoughts about all that needed to be done before leading a board meeting that night bombarded my head.  Then, searching for the cookies I had purchased for Eden’s class party became another area of concern.  My life seemed overwhelming and my heart and mind began to race, most likely some form of an anxiety attack was taking place.

Then a shift, a feeling much like what you would assume a champion horse feels like in the cage right before the gun fires.  A roar from somewhere deep in my soul shouted, “let me run!”  So, I listened and threw on the only pair of running shoes that I owned, which didn’t have Super Feet and weren’t even a size larger.  But I ran – right out the back door onto the golf course.


Oh, my!  The view was astounding.  I couldn’t help but take in the trees changing colors and the smell of mums.  My feet seemed to know what to do, and my thoughts calmed down with each stride.  Although my lungs did not allow me to go as far as I would have liked that first time out of the gate, it was enough.  Enough to know that running would be my remedy to a rather hectic life.

Aside from the increase in the uptake of serotonin, which creates a pleasure sensation, running allows the details of life to come into focus.  Running gives us time to answer the real questions that linger, questions like:  Am I living honorably?  Do I use my time according to my strengths and talents?  Is my family really a major priority or am I just giving them lip service?

Now, when I look at a pair of running shoes, I see therapy.  It never gets old to lace them up and tackle my inner most thoughts, and beg for the time to get to those places of resolve.

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