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Jun 302013

As athletes, it is very easy to get caught up in training. We are always thinking about the effort we put into our sport. How many reps did we do? What kind of weight did we use? How many miles did we go? Did we go hard enough? I’m really good at putting effort into my training. The area I really struggle with is recovery.

Coming back from the 2013 North Central Regional (I finished 4th this year!) I felt really great. My body held up well all weekend. I never felt like I was under-prepared. I felt stronger at the end of the weekend than I had in years past. I took two weeks off when I returned, and the past two weeks, I have slowly been getting back into training. I currently feel awful.

Why do I feel so horrible? I took two weeks off. I should feel rested and ready to go! However, since I have been back, I haven’t been on a good sleeping schedule, I’ve been eating pretty much anything I like, and I haven’t focused on recovering after my training sessions like I did pre regionals.


So much of what we get out of our training comes from what we do outside the gym. If I don’t fuel my body properly, than I don’t recover as well. It is a fact. If I don’t get eight hours of good sleep, my body doesn’t do what I want it to do in the gym.

Going into summer recovery is more important than ever! As much effort as I put into my own fitness goals, I plan to put into my recovery as well! Eat well, sleep well and live well!

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