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Jul 312013
My First 50K: Covered In Hair In The Oklahoma Summer

I’ve decided to run a 50K trail run this fall. As usual, with my desire to “run a really long way”, I made this decision sitting in my chair in front of my computer, rather than while running a long distance. Doesn’t everybody do it this way? So what’s the first thing you have to Continue Reading «My First 50K: Covered In Hair In The Oklahoma Summer»

Jul 252013
Trading in "Good" for "Better"

Sometimes you have to give up good things in order to make time for better things. My pastor has preached about this topic before, but lately I’ve been finding it pretty relevant in athletics as well. Going into this week, I had to really decide what “good” training would be and what “better” training would Continue Reading «Trading in “Good” for “Better”»

Jul 242013
Tree Training

Even in the Oklahoma heat, I’d still prefer outdoor training than training in a gym, especially with all of the cool tools out on the market today. Pictured here, I have one of my clients, tennis athlete Austin Hoose, hitting his workout using a tree, the TRX Rip Trainer, and two tubes (heavier and lighter). Continue Reading «Tree Training »

Jul 202013

Which psychosis are you as a runner? What do you think about while running? 1.The Workhorse: You simply go over your work, and nothing more. “Twerkin’ time 24/7” 2. The Duplicator: Self-explanatory. Whatever thought comes to mind, you repeat it again and again. Just when you think you’ve moved onto another thought, it pops back Continue Reading «Which One Are You?»