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Jul 092013

We’ve all heard “attitude is everything”; but yell that to a runner at mile 22 of their first marathon or a black belt candidate only 15 minutes into their fights? Oh, if looks could kill.

The exhaustion is real and screaming. Much of any individual sport is mental. The body protests but it’s the predetermined will that says “press on”, and the body has to listen. There are many lessons paralleled in fighting and running. The miles are conquered one at a time and, likewise, sparring matches are won a point at a time. If I wait until round 7 to decide if a belt test is worth the pain, I’ll quite. Mile 18 can’t be when I decide whether or not to finish the race. If so, I would return to my car in a golf cart instead of limping in with a finishers’ medal and grin of victory.

Big goals of any sort require that same pre-determined dedication before things get tough. I’m not sure who said it first, but “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” May the will determine the goal, and not the struggles in between.


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  1. Thank you for always modeling a warrior spirit that never gives up, that never gives in, and enjoys the pain while learning and mastering anything you put your mind to.

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