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Jul 202013

Which psychosis are you as a runner? What do you think about while running?

1.The Workhorse: You simply go over your work, and nothing more. “Twerkin’ time 24/7”

2. The Duplicator: Self-explanatory. Whatever thought comes to mind, you repeat it again and again. Just when you think you’ve moved onto another thought, it pops back into your head.

3. The Reflector: You go back and reflect upon your day. You begin to think what you could have said to certain situations, conflicts, or rebuttals to your boss, teachers, or parents.

4. The Pioneer: In order to keep yourself motivated, you continually add another mile, lap, or interval to your run, particularly till you’re satisfied. People like this typically say, “Never say never!” To be quite frank, I’m sorry – but I believe you just said it twice.

5. The Squirrel: You are fascinated with random little things, and routinely tweak out every 5 minutes of the run. And when I’m running with this runner type, I typically hear, “You know what I’m talking about?” 9 times out of 10, I don’t have a clue.

6. The Nervous Wreck: You start to gather up all your life stressors, and become more stressed after the run, than before. You get thoughts like, “What deeply twisted person named the phobia for long words as, “hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliphobia”. Whoever you are, “WHY?!”

7. The Gamer: The classic. You are the one that makes up games on group runs. Perhaps, counting cars or looking for a particular object on a run. Or perhaps, you’re the people that bring frisbees and footballs to meets.

8. The Mutant: You are the one who goes endorphin crazy and gets a little too evangelical on the run. At any moment, you just may start twitching and bugging out. That being said… stay away from my road.

9. The Organizer: You think about what lays ahead in your running and set out a schedule in your head for the rest of the day/week.

10. The Singer: The person that sings on the run, constantly. I avoid these people like the black plaque. Not because they’re singing, because they typically can’t sing.

11. The Procrastinator: The person who tries to avoid doing the full scheduled run at all cost. They either have some ache, they’re in a rush, or their Grandma died for the third time.

Which one are you?

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