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Jul 262013



Have you ever heard this saying? It’s true, right?  Like so many other areas of our lives, making up “excuses” as to why we don’t exercise regularly is too easy. Making the commitment to work out is half the battle, actually carrying out that commitment is the fight.  But, trust me, the win is worth it! Making time needs to be a top priority, and soon, the regularity of a routine will make burning those calories so much easier.

This starts with defeating the voice in your head that tries to tell you there is not enough time.  Even 30 minutes a day is better than nothing.  And what about the excuse of not having a gym membership?  No problem. You don’t need fancy machines and mirrored walls to prove that you can work out with the best of them.  There are many ways to participate in exercise without having access to the gym.  For instance, boot camp programs like the one I teach is a great way to get outdoors, meet new friends and burn mega calories, all while having fun and only taking 1 hour out of your day, 3 days a week.  All you need is a good pair of hand weights, a bottle of water, and a towel to wipe away the sweat – and you are set!

Of course, there will be days when you simply cannot stay on schedule. That’s okay too.  In fact, that is exactly what my day was like today (thank you crazy Oklahoma weather).  Did I let the fact that I couldn’t attend my regular boot camp become an excuse to waste the day away?  Of course not!  I laced up my shoes and worked out anyway, in my very own “gym – ” AKA the living room.  Many calories have been torched here and the best part about this gym – its open 24/7, 365 days a year.  Today’s workout happened to last from 11:00am – 12:00pm.  Last week while driving to the grocery store, I decided to turn back around and head home for a bike ride at 1:00 in the afternoon.  Why?  Because I realized I had the time to do so. Tomorrow?  Perhaps some upper body strength and core training in front of the fireplace.

living room

See a pattern here?  It is never a bad time to exercise.  Every day may be different, but the results are the same: a healthier body = a happier you.

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  1. This is very true! You are inspirational

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