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Jul 302013

My daughter is amazing. She has absolutely no idea of her rarity and uniqueness. When she walks into a room of uncomfortable adults, she immediately begins to build bridges for them to connect. Her ability to read people, and her desire to hear their stories has caused many to label her an “old soul.”  Unfortunately, in middle school, this gifting is not the currency.  And fortunately for us, she doesn’t have a lot of traits that would make her a typical middle school success.

But sadly, like all middle school students, her skin is translucent.  The sway of the collective group influences her opinion of herself and the words, although so cleverly disguised, still create small labels that take immense amounts of scrubbing to get off.  As a parent, I listen intently to her heart and try to keep the damage to a minimum.  As a parent, with resources and a husband that mimics my own determination, ideas of moving to higher, more noble ground have been discussed.  But really, at the end of the day, middle school is middle school and children are children trying to find their own way in a big, loud world.

So, Eden and I run.  We are running through middle school together, one half marathon at a time.  Her stride is stunning.  Her playlist contains songs that remind her of her real value as a child of the true King.  Although, I do think she has thrown in some One Direction.  Her red-faced smiles and her thumbs up motion are a sight of reprieve for a middle school mom.


I can’t verbally assault every bully.  I can’t move every time my daughter gets in the car in tears.  And I sure can’t hold a shield over her heart to prevent any soft bullets from penetrating.  But I can teach her something that her daddy and I learned about navigating the pitfalls of a chaotic world.  Pray and run.

“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.”

-Jane D. Hull

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  2 Responses to “Running Through Middle School”

  1. Prayers for you and your daughter! You are an amazing mom. I am now 32 and my mom is truly my best friend. Its great to be able to have that connection

  2. Thank you, Sandra. The encouragement is priceless!

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