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Aug 302013
Thanks for (Almost) Everything

Gratitude changes your attitude…and I’m sorry it rhymes so well. This is a sub-set of the “there’s always a silver lining” kind of thinking. It’s tough to stay angry about a situation when you change your internal monologue about it to start with “I’m thankful for…”. When I lose a fight, I’m thankful to my Continue Reading «Thanks for (Almost) Everything»

Aug 172013
Motivation: Where Is It?

“Motivation,” is a topic that comes up all too often. We hear of ways to stay motivated. Whether it’s to stay fit, run faster, eat an extra crispy cream donut, or not lose current fitness for whatever reason. For the majority of mainstream public, having a full-time job makes one more pre-occupied, and less likely Continue Reading «Motivation: Where Is It?»

Aug 102013
Burlap Pajamas

Nope, I’m not referring to a poor quality karate uniform in desperate need of fabric softener. I’m referring to the idea of getting comfortable with change. Change is inevitable, exciting, aggravating, stimulating, and necessary. For all living and thriving things, change is a constant, right? What isn’t growing is dying, so to speak. There is Continue Reading «Burlap Pajamas»

Aug 092013
Race Report: Ironman Coeur D'Alene

  Well, it’s over. In my first attempt at the full-iron distance, I crossed the finish line at 14:36:17–a long day. But I’ve earned the title, “Ironman.” Here then is my post-race report. The Weather I left the 95 degree heat of Oklahoma and stepped off the plane into 50 degree weather.  On race day, Continue Reading «Race Report: Ironman Coeur D’Alene»


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Aug 032013

Sports have a peculiar way of opening doors, beginning conversations, and sparking friendships. Twelve years ago, I signed up for a karate class at my church that, unbeknownst to me, would end up sending me all over the world. Over the last decade, I’ve had the privilege of traveling to more than a dozen countries Continue Reading «Doors»

Aug 032013
The 100 Mile Challenge!

Fitness challenges have shown to be an effective way to get people motivated to exercise.  There are tons of them out on the interwebs ranging from squat challenges to healthy eating challenges.  A couple of months ago, I completed the Blue Line Tactical Fitness 100 Burpees in 100 Days challenge.  I wrote an article about Continue Reading «The 100 Mile Challenge!»