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Aug 212013

Week one of training went really well. Got all my runs in and felt great. Week two…well…not so good. Actually, it was bad. As in nonexistent. Stuff going on at home and work, and I just didn’t get my runs done. My bad.

Then week three rolled around and it was set up in the training plan as a light week for “recovery”. Which would have been fine, except that I obviously used week two as my recovery week. Not sure how you recover from zero. Maybe you just don’t get out of bed, something like that. So I wound up combining the two weeks, which, of course, negates the recovery I was supposed to get last week. Aaahhhh…such is the way my world seems to work.

One of the many things I read when I was psyching myself up for this run, said that running an ultra marathon wasn’t hard…but training for an ultra marathon was. This kind of sums it up. I think you can train and run up to a half marathon without altering your life too much. But training for a marathon starts cutting into your free time. ;-)  And then when you get into the ultra distances, well…it becomes more of a “lifestyle” –  and I’m running the “short one”. I’m trying to get my mind wrapped around runners who routinely run 50 to 100 milers. I grovel at their feet…

I spent part of last weekend mowing and weed-eating the trails in our woods that Bridger, my youngest son, and I have been working on the past couple of years. This year has been so wet that it is a chore trying to keep Mother Nature from exerting undue influence on our paths.




This morning, Zookie and I had an issue. She met Mr. (or maybe Mrs.) Skunk while we were running. I didn’t get to see the fine fellow, but he left his mark all over Zoo’s face & chest. Wow! I’m telling you that stuff is POTENT!! So after our run she had to get a bath, which is what we do after our dogs get sprayed by a skunk, all the while knowing it is an exercise in futility. We like to think that it washed some of it off, but it’s still there. I think we just get used to it while we are attempting to wash it, so we convince ourselves we helped in some way.

Week 4 has started fine, but with the mowing and weed-eating (along with a Boy Scout campout) I had to move my long run from the weekend to Monday night, then run again Tuesday morning, to try and get back on schedule. ‘Cause, by golly, we are going to get back on track! What? Overtraining? Never heard of it…But hey, I get Thursday off. So, I’ve got that going for me.

See you on the trails…

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  1. Would like to see a photo of Zookie! We have a lab that runs with me. If I let her, she would run and/or swim nonstop. Great sidekick.

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