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Aug 302013

Gratitude changes your attitude…and I’m sorry it rhymes so well. This is a sub-set of the “there’s always a silver lining” kind of thinking. It’s tough to stay angry about a situation when you change your internal monologue about it to start with “I’m thankful for…”.

When I lose a fight, I’m thankful to my competitor who counted me worthy of being fought hard. I’ll try to remember that when the black eye shows up later.

When a board doesn’t break, I’m grateful for the courage to have tried…and an ice pack. “Failures” in breaking can also be called self-correcting mistakes.

When the miles are long, I’m appreciative of the body healthy enough to attempt them.

When work is challenging, I’m honored for being trusted with tasks that are important enough to sometimes feel heavy. Gratitude takes practice.

In Sensei Holzbauer’s book, Truth for Fighters, he mentions that when young Samurai were training long ago in Japan, one of their exercises was to copy the twenty rules for life-long training. Four of them are about gratitude.

- Never forget to be grateful to one’s Lord.
- Never forget to be grateful to one’s parents.
- Never forget to be grateful to one’s teachers.
- Never forget to be grateful to one’s fellow human beings.


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