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Sep 172013

It has been awhile since I have posted anything, so I thought I better write before everyone forgets about me.

I have not been racing very much this summer. No. I am not injured. I have simply been enjoying running and swimming.

Yes, I said swimming. I have always been a triathlete, but this summer I have really taken up open water swimming. I still swim in the pool, but I definitely do not enjoy it as much as swimming in the open water.

Yes, I have been putting in some high miles on the pavement this summer, approximately 65-75 a week, and I have been cycling a lot. My legs are often tired and worn out. So when I spend 30 minutes in the lake, it is like giving my legs a recharge! Moving in the water takes away so much of the soreness and heavy feeling in the legs. You still get an excellent cardio workout without the hard pounding on the joints and muscles.


But wait – I have not completely folded on racing! I have done a few races this summer, mostly triathlons. The crazy spring weather cancelled the first two I had planned, but I made up for it later in the summer.

I raced triathlons in El Reno, Edmond, Ft. Sill, and I even went home to Iowa and did one there. My big event is this weekend at Lake Hefner, the Redman, where I will do the half distance. I did it last year, but I am excited to see the difference in my swim after all of the extra time I have spent in the water.

No worries, I have not completely given up “running only” races! I just did a marathon in Layton, Utah (Salt Lake City area). I was the first female finisher and 3rd overall. It was horribly hot! Even though I live in Oklahoma and I run in the heat all the time, I struggled so much during the last 5 miles. The sun zapped me. I still managed a 3:01 – so I can’t be upset about it.

That is all for now! I will give a full report on the Redman next week.

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