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Sep 192013

I think I can…I think I can…

Training for my 50K is pretty much right on schedule. Since my training schedule is based on “time run” rather than “distance run” it really works out well for me. Most of my runs are either on trails at home or our driveway (which we share with our neighbors). Because of “where” I run, my times are always slower than when I run at the river. If I had to run distance, my “time” spent running would have to be quite a bit more.

That’s why it is so important to find a training program you like while you are sitting in a nice chair in an air conditioned room. :-)

My driveway loop is 1/2 to 3/4 mile long (depending on whether I run around the neighbor’s house or not). Then, if I start meandering on the trails we’ve made in the woods, I can add on another mile or so before I get around to repeating trails.

Since the Pumpkin Holler is run almost all on gravel(ish) roads, I figured my driveway is a perfect training ground. It’s supposed to be a gravel driveway, but parts of it are more dirt than gravel. Overall, I figured it was as close as I was going to come to simulating a real gravel road.

I’ve run 16 miles before on our 1/2 mile loop (which is 32 loops in dog years). When you’re running 16 miles in 1/2 mile loops, you just put the music on and start putting one foot in front of the other (repeat, etc).

I run some at the river, but at home the dogs can run with me. And they do, sort of.

Zookie has figured out the ends of the driveway loop and waits almost 1/8th of a mile from the turnaround to see if I am simply turning around, or if I am continuing around the loop. If I continue on, she cuts through the woods and meets me somewhere later.

She has these corner cuts on all 4 corners. And the longer I run, the further she lags behind me. I think “where is that dog who was jumping up and couldn’t wait to run? Oh yeah, we left her after the first 1/2 mile, didn’t we?”

If we run at the river, she will run beside me, on a leash, never pulling. Well, never pulling forward. She pulls back plenty! And sideways too, especially if any other animal (leashed or not) comes into her view. I’m like, “where did that burst of energy come from”? Then, once she had determined that we are safe from the rabbit, squirrel or Chihuahua, she’s back to plodding.

If we have time, we’ll go down one of the ramps to the river and I’ll let her wade/swim for a few minutes. She really likes the water. Must be the Lab 1/2 of her.

Only about a month to go…

See you on the trails.

Mike & Zookie

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