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Sep 242013

It was a chilly start to the day. So chilly, the lake was warmer than the air and we all just wanted to get in so we could warm up! Redman 2013 was this past weekend, and I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in the 70.3 half distance (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and a 13.1 half marathon). This was my second year to compete at the Redman in Oklahoma City, and for the second time, it was a fantastic event!

The swim was first, and it was great. I am not a speedy swimmer, but I am decent. I enjoy swimming, and my time reflected that, ha ha! I came out of the water in 44:58. Hey, 2 minutes faster than last year! Not many people get to say they swam in Lake Hefner.

After a decent transition, I was off on the bike. I had a decent 30 miles, then I started to remember why I like to run so much. My hips started to ache, my back hurt, and my feet were falling asleep. At one point, a guy passed me and said, “starting to become work now!” My reply… “I just want to start running!” He looked at me like I was crazy and rode away. Then Miss Sarah Bell, the lead full distance female passed me. I was really hoping none of the full distance females would pass me. But, then I remembered it was Sarah Bell and she’s a beast — so I felt better. Just when I thought I was never going to finish this bike, I looked up and saw Lake Hefner in the distance. I was going to make it after all. I had one word on my mind…… RUN!


I flew off that bike, not because I am fast, but just because I wanted to get away from it. I had a strong run, and I am really happy about it. I held a 7:00 pace and ended up with a 1:31 half marathon.

I have been asked the question, “Which is harder, a 70.3 tri or a marathon?” My answer, MARATHON!! After the tri, I felt terrible. I couldn’t walk straight for a couple hours and I was just run down and feeling out of it. After a marathon, I hurt, but I’m fine. I walk around and talk to everyone. The interesting thing is how I feel the days following. I did a 5k the day after the Tri and I ran 18:46. I would never even attempt that the day after a marathon. Even though riding a bike hurts more at the time, pounding the pavement for 26.2 miles is harder on the body. I even rode my bike to work the past couple of days, and I’ll run this afternoon (it is now Tuesday, 3 days after the 70.3). I would have taken at least 3 days completely off after a hard marathon.

There you have it – a complete Redman report. I ended up 12th place overall, but, I had the fastest run time (and that is all that really matters to me!)

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  1. My feelings on running are about how you feel about the bike. I had the 1st or 2nd fastest bike of the day, but always lay eggs on the run. Running just hurts. You passed me 2/3rds of the way around on my second lap of the run and was thinking surely she can not run me down when I only have 2.5 miles to go.

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