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Sep 272013

- You may actually need to don more than just shorts and shoes before heading outside. Add some colder temperatures, I may even have to start wearing socks again.

- Trails become safe to re-visit, with fewer spider webs, snakes, and poison ivy. Watch your step when the leaves start to fall and the deer are in route.

- Races beyond 5K re-enter the calendar. We’ve got some great fall events around. Two of my favorites are the Tulsa Run and The McNellie’s Pub Run.


- High School and University Cross Country races take place, thus refueling my love for these types of races. I appreciate the uniqueness of each race course and the fun of competing for the greater good of the team. Mud is fun to run through, but you still have to outrun your opposition who may or may not be wearing 1/2 inch spikes.

- Let’s face it, in Oklahoma the dog days may be in the summer, but the dog-running days definitely are only now returning. My girlfriend and I recently added to our pack and I’m eager to see what Ruby can bring to our team. I’m proud to say that our other dog, Asher, has knocked out his share of 15-20 milers on the trails about this time of year.

- Finally, since you’re using all that fitness you surely gained running through the hot summer, you’re likely to PR with the dip in temperatueres and easily can increase mileage for a longer race. Crucial to that is obviously the recovery aspect, more specifically food and drink. Now that it’s not 100+ degrees and you actually have an appetite again, I suggest you make use of the fine local produce offerings and seasonal locally made Oktoberfest or dark beers.

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