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Oct 172013

Assuming you’re a runner, have you ever invited someone out for a run with you and realized a mile or so into the run that not only can they not breathe, but they are holding their side in pain?  Then it hits you.  Oh yeah, you don’t start out a runner who can talk and breathe – you evolve – you mature into acquiring some endurance.

Those first days brought some humility to your life.  Humility is a noble character trait, and physical challenges are a great way to acknowledge it in your own life.  Not being able to finish a long run because the throb in your knee has caused you to limp, is a fabulous illustration of the body trumping the mind – thus, humility is received.

Cross-training can spur on those humility lessons.  Which has had me wondering if Hal Higdon knew the importance of keeping a man/woman humble when he wrote up his training plans for runners to meet their goals?  Every week he has his followers tackling some sort of cross-training experience.

Last week, my daughter Eden and I attended a hip/hop class to spice up our training plan.  Wow.  Humbled.  Ashley, the fearless instructor, created some movements with her lower body that almost appeared supernatural.  As Eden and I glanced over at each other, we couldn’t help but laugh at our attempts to mimic these movements.  Honestly, we looked like the tin man by comparison.  Ashley’s ability to keep fluidity throughout the routine was simply inspiring.  We remained simply comical; but we left humbled and challenged.


Will we do it again?  Sure we will!  Pride has no place in an athlete’s heart.  When we think we’ve arrived in an arena, we must realize that arriving is relative.  Humility keeps us fresh and curious.

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