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Oct 312013


Have you heard of the new trend, Barre3? Well its not really new, its been around the OKC metro for over three years, its just getting more popular.  My physical therapist recommended it to me as part of my therapy to help my knees get stronger.  So I decided – why not?  I’m willing to do anything to get “back to normal.”  I signed up for the fall challenge “28 days to great” — five days of barre per week for a month.

So what is Barre3? The definition, coming straight off of their website, describes it as a dancer’s workout . It combines the grace of the ballet barre with the wisdom of yoga, and the strength of pilates.  The classes are set to an upbeat soundtrack with a vigorous pace, moving through a sequence of postures designed to shape and lift the entire body.

Their three-step sequence creates strength in an athlete with the long, lean graceful lines of a dancer.

1. Isometric holds to align and strengthen – combined with small range of motion to get deep into the muscles until failure

2. Low impact dynamic movement to energize and elevate the heart rate

3. Seamless recovery stretch to elongate and prepare the body

When I usually explain to people what Barre3 is, I say it feels like doing a plank over 60 minutes.  So you know how your body shakes and quivers while you do a plank? Yep, that’s how Barre3 feels.  In Barre3, you do tiny repetative movements “inch by inch” over and over again until your whole body is burning and shaking.  They call those Barre3 “earthquakes.” The quaking sensation is an indication that your muscles are being put under a new kind of stress they aren’t accustomed to, and as a result – they are getting stronger.  The vibration in your body is also a sign that you are using energy, burning calories, and revving up your metabolism. It doesnt matter how in or out of shape you are, you will feel those quakes.

Everyone can benefit from Barre3. No experience or fitness level is required to practice Barre3.   The instructors go through extensive training and are very good at giving modifications whether you are a newbie, injured or even pregnant individual.  I know this from personal experience.  When first starting out, I wasnt able to do many of the exercises.  They knew about my injury (they ask you at the first of every class if anyone has any injuries or special needs) and made an extra effort to help me with the  modifications available.

The Benefits of Barre can effect you mentally along with the physically.  I had an instructor tell me one of her clients actually grew two inches! Barre really does shape and lift the entire body.  After surgery, my left leg was so much weaker than my right left.  It was even visibly smaller in muscle tone.  Barre has really helped my leg become stronger and more balanced without causing too much pain or strain on the surgical site.  My physical therapist said he could tell the classes have been helping

Interested in Barre3? There are three studios around the OKC metro.  There is a studio in Edmond, Classen Curve and also midtown.  If you can’t make it to the studio, they also offer online classes!  Just check out there website www.barre3.com.  This Friday, November 1, they are having a three-year anniversary party at their midtown location from 6:30-9:30.  Anyone and everyone is invited.  Feel free to stop by and look around the studio and ask any questions you may have.


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