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Nov 262013
Wild Observations from the Williams Route 66 Marathon

1) How cold was it? The person singing the national anthem was audibly shivering as he sang 2) It’s never a normal thing to see two different men standing in ladies thick terry-cloth bathrobes as their “throw-away” clothing 3) I actually was caught saying out loud “Look at the women in the bath robe!” only to Continue Reading «Wild Observations from the Williams Route 66 Marathon»

Nov 212013
Cramping My Style

My left leg was locked up and wouldn’t bend anymore. This was at mile 14 at the 2012 Route 66 Marathon. I limped, shuffle ran and walked. Then at mile 23, the leg let loose, and I finished with a steady run. Cramps are one of those dreaded race setbacks. It can shut us down. Continue Reading «Cramping My Style»

Nov 082013
Training Wheels

“Eagerly Pursue Extreme Challenges”…this large banner hangs prominently across the front of our home training hall. Sounds great till I come face to face with a challenge worthy of being dubbed “extreme”, then I’m almost scared spitless. About seven years ago, I had the honor of starting a new karate club with a good friend Continue Reading «Training Wheels»

Nov 022013
On The Road: Sticking To Your Training

I travel from time to time for my job. These trips invariably happen when I’m prepping for a race of some kind and I desperately want to keep my momentum going by sticking to my RTTP (Ridiculous Triathlon Training Plan) when I’m on the road. Sticking with the plan isn’t always possible, however. I’ve found Continue Reading «On The Road: Sticking To Your Training»