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Nov 022013

I travel from time to time for my job. These trips invariably happen when I’m prepping for a race of some kind and I desperately want to keep my momentum going by sticking to my RTTP (Ridiculous Triathlon Training Plan) when I’m on the road.

Sticking with the plan isn’t always possible, however.

I’ve found that it’s really difficult to hide a bicycle in your carry-on luggage (the TSA always seems to find it) and swimming is also typically out of the question as most hotel pools are approximately 11 feet long and useless for exercise—unless you are the parent of an over-active 6 year old in which case pools are an invaluable asset sent from God.

That leaves running. Yes! Running I can do on the road.

These then, are my top tips for having a successful run during a business trip. (I have no idea how I came across this knowledge…)

Remember to take your running shoes. Nothing says “future CEO” better than trying to get in a quick 5 miler in your patent leather dress shoes. If this thought crosses your mind, just say NO. Conversely, it’s also mighty hard to explain to the wife why you “needed” a new pair of $100 running shoes when you have a perfectly good pair sitting at home.

photo 1


Remember to take your running socks. Not quite as crippling to one’s career as forgetting the shoes, but taking a stroll through the hotel lobby in your running shoes adorned with black dress socks doesn’t get you invited to the boss’ house for Christmas dinner.

photo 2


Call ahead to see if the treadmill at the hotel is actually in working order. Here’s a quick tip. If you show up at the hotel and your room number is written on the wall with a magic marker, you had better not expect that you’ll be blessed with a workout room worthy of your local Mega Gym.

photo 3


Finally, bring your own nutrition. It’s so much easier to toss a few gels packs into your suitcase than to try and find a gel pack in a strange town. Although props go to Hyatt which stocks GU packets in its Chicago Conference Center coffee shop—believe it or not.

photo 4

Anyone have any items to add to the list?

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  1. In a hotel, find the stairs and use them. This avoids getting on an elevator and walking through the lobby in your skimpy running clothes. Also, using the stairs will burn up some additional calories that you get from the hotel food.

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