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Nov 112013

This past weekend I had the great pleasure of traveling to Springfield, MO with twenty-three other athletes from CrossFit OKC. We took four teams to compete at the Heart of America Affiliate Challenge hosted by CrossFit Springfield. Last year, we took one team to the event and placed third in the RX’d division. By far, it is one of the most fun events I have ever been to.

This season, something is a little different for me. I have decided to go the team route for 2014. I have spent the last five years competing as an individual and I loved every minute of it. Going into 2013, I told myself AND my now team members that it was probably going to be my last individual year.  I didn’t make the choice because I don’t think I can handle being an individual competitor anymore…I just don’t think I want to be one anymore. I have looked forward to THIS year for a long time. Now it is happening.

My team and friends with the Kill Cliff crew at HOA5.

My team and friends with the Kill Cliff crew at HOA5.

My team consists of Drew Hymer (7th NC Regional 2013), Kameron Rosenau (13th NC Regional 2013), Brad King (20th NC Regional 2013), Kristen Rosenau (18th NC Regional 2013), Kelsey Duncan (NC Regional Team Member 2013) and myself.  Yes, our team has five individual regional athletes and a regional team member.  Wow.  If you follow CrossFit then you know that is a pretty big deal. We have been waiting for the right time for us all to “Go Team” and this is the year.

We went into HOA5 with high expectations. We wanted the podium. We were all confident, but also nervous. We have talked about us doing this for so long. It was now happening. What if we didn’t live up to our own expectations? Or our gyms? Or our friends? While we knew this was just for fun, we also took it seriously. It was going to be a good test of what was to come over the next six to seven months for team competition.

To put it simply, the weekend went perfectly. We were all almost perfect the whole time. I don’t think any of us imagined it going any better than it did.  Over eight events we took  four first places, three seconds and one third. Holy smokes.

Day 1:

Event 1: Each individual finds a 2RM Thruster. We took 2nd in this event. Kameron 245#, Drew 265#, Brad 265#, Kelsey 135#, Kristen 145#, Me 155#

Event 2: Team Isabel (boys). Each individual has 3 minutes to perform Isabel. Score is total times combined. I’m not sure of all the times, but they crushed it. Boys took second.

Event 3: Team Grace (girls). Each individual has 3 minutes to perform Grace. Score is total times combined. Kelsey 2:09, Kristen 2:07, Me 2:07. We finished second. That was a big Grace PR for Kelsey. Pretty cool to watch.

Event 4: Double Unders. If you finish Isabel or Grace before three minutes is up you performed as many double unders as you could. Score is reps from all athletes added together. We won this won. Big thanks to Drew Hymer who is the absolute king of doubles. He almost did more than all the girls combined. Awesome.

We finished Day 1 in first and never looked back.

Drew and I taking on Isabel and Grace.

Drew and I taking on Isabel and Grace.

Day 2:

Event 5: 12 Minute AMRAP 8 DB Snatches (50/30), 6 Box Jumps (30/24), 2 Muscle Ups. This was only two athletes. Kameron and I took on this gem. Honestly, one of the most fun workouts I have ever done. Kameron and I finished 15 rounds + 15 reps. One muscle up shy of finishing 16. We won this event.  I wish I could have watched us. We felt flawless. So fun. So fun.

Event 6: 12 Minute Time Cap 21-15-9 Overhead Squats (115/75) Toes to Bar. This was all Drew, Brad, Kristen and Kelsey. They looked so amazing. Brad just made the workout look stupid. He moved so fast. Loved it. These guys won this event also. Two for two on the day so far. Kameron and I cheered really loud!

Event 7: Team Relay 120ft Walking lunge (135/95) and Chest to Bar Pull Ups (30 for men/20 for women). This was a follow the leader WOD. Our team is so well rounded it is ridiculous. While our girls aren’t the biggest, we are still strong and really good at body-weight movements. Everyone crushed it. I think we wont the event by almost a full minute.  Also, I hit a new PR of 20 unbroken chest to bar butterfly pull ups. I was the last athlete on our team to go.  My last four reps I had a huge smile on my face because I knew we just destroyed it. So awesome.

Still in first place at the end of day 2.

Day 3:

Final Event: Team Karen (25 Wall Balls per person, Boy 25# ball, girls 20# ball), Two Rounds of Heavy D.T. per person (165/110), 650M Team Run, 10 Plate Facing Burpees per person with Team Bar Hang. Sounds like a lot, but it was a great WOD! We finished third on this one…only ten seconds behind first place. Everyone pulled their weight. We were thrilled.

On the podium!

On the podium!

We finished the weekend in first place, nineteen points ahead of second. That’s a lot. We know this means nothing heading into regionals. However, it does give us confidence to know that we CAN do this and we CAN get to the Games as a team this year. We are so strong together. I can’t wait to see what happens over the next few months!

My family.

My family.

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