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Nov 262013


1) How cold was it? The person singing the national anthem was audibly shivering as he sang

2) It’s never a normal thing to see two different men standing in ladies thick terry-cloth bathrobes as their “throw-away” clothing

3) I actually was caught saying out loud “Look at the women in the bath robe!” only to be corrected by an anonymous male runner next to me who said “That’s NOT a woman”

4) Seeing multiple (did I say multiple?) overweight men running in shorts and NO SHIRT. And the fit guys doing the same thing? They still looked crazy!

5) Having hope that my frozen feet would eventually feel like feet instead of cold stumps that I was running on (this corrected itself by Mile 3)


6) Gratefulness for the concerned citizens of Tulsa who stood out in their driveways and front yards to warn each of us of ice on the road from sprinkler systems that weren’t turned off overnight

7) Gratefulness for all the make-shift garage bands in front of residential homes and their willingness to sit out in 22 degree temps and sing, drum, and or play for those of us running by

8) Seeing the latest and best hand-made marathon sign that read: Run like it’s 8:59 pm and you’re trying to get to the liquor store

9) Seeing the man in the Brookside neighborhood who instructed his dog, Theta, to sit in a lawn chair (not the ground) and watch us run by

10) The admiration of all those volunteers who kept their commitment in sub-freezing temperatures and showed up to take care of all of us. To each and every volunteer we say THANK YOU!


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