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Dec 212013

This is everyone’s favorite part of the athletic cycle, right? Training is complete, the thrill of competition is over, and the dust has settled. It doesn’t feel like the time to make plans for the next competition, not while it still hurts to just make toast, but it is. Without the next goal peeking over the horizon as the previous goal whooshes by, it’s easy to slow down and gaze a little too long at that last goal. Living life in the rear view mirror isn’t living.

Sounds reasonable, but injury frustrates this rhythm. No…injury threatens to completely derail the competitive rhythm and stomps the metronome to itty-bitty bits. The recovery phase can be tedious. It’s a delicate balance between resting to heal and inadvertently actualizing your “inner couch potato”. Tip the scale either way and you’re in trouble. Take too much time off of fighting and you develop ring-rust. Ease up on the running schedule and cardio suffers. However, diving into either one too hard and too fast can cause injury that puts you out of commission far longer and you can kiss that next great goal good-bye.

This is where wisdom is born of time and experience. Seeing the next goal peek over the horizon seems to put this balancing act into perspective (must heal, must train, must heal, must train). Whatever your present balancing skills, merely glance in rear view mirror, then keep looking forward.

Always look forward. Oh yeah, and remember that ice is your friend…just part of the cycle.

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