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Dec 302013

You’re almost through the most hectic and diet-wrecking period of the entire year. Congratulations: The assault is almost over.

1)  You’ve made it through Thanksgiving (that’s like an assault with the occasional weird concoctions such as green jello with suspended cabbage).  Where you may feel guilted into filling your plate with small portions of food that you never intended to eat but feel you must be respectful and have the appearance that you will be eating it (and then you still do!)

2) You’ve made it through endless days of candy, cookies, cakes, and anything your coworkers have “dumped” onto the rest of the staff so they can spare themselves from eating it (who are they kidding since we all know why they brought the stuff from their house in the first place right?)  This is all leading up to the next holiday known as Christmas.

3) You have made it through the multiple Christmas dinners if you are one of those individuals expected to appear at a multitude of different households.


4) And now we have New Years to enjoy (and survive). At least New Years is within our control on what we choose to eat.

- No guilt to try some weird Thanksgiving Day food

- no onslaught of daily temptations at the office

- no guilt to save room for the multiple food visits included in Christmas Eve and Christmas Day festivities.

Please enjoy your New Years and please remember that all of it is within your control. The food onslaught is nearly coming to a close and you can finally concentrate on a regular schedule and a regular diet of the foods you know are safe and healthy for your weight. Don’t fall for the “it’s okay because I’m going to exercise later” mentality. Get back to what you know is right. Eat to work out, don’t work out to eat. As I have often preached to my patients at the hospital I work at, to my student athletes at TU that I work with, and to my clients that I can directly influence: You have permission to eat, you do not have permission to overeat.

Welcome the New Year and get excited for the fact that now you can concentrate on you.

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