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Jan 012014

Most everyone has seen those name tags and almost everyone has been tempted to write something smart-alecky instead of their name. My favorites are descriptions….”Hello, I’m delightful”, “Hello, I’m an enigma”, “Hello, I’m ridiculously creative”, etc. In a running store, “I’m distance, not speed”. In karate, I specialize in forms. Identity is so much more than a name.

We are developing a club shirt which acts as our name tag. The name, logo, and colors were already established, but our verse and code (kuden) took some thought. What we do and stand for is the most important thing, but this is a good process. It’s our identity as a club.

There are hundreds of great Bible verses about fighting and being a warrior, but which one to pick? The winner is II Timothy 4:7, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” It champions perseverance. The most influential people don’t always win, but they don’t give up.


Other dojos have kudens like “Battle ready”, “Faithful unto death”, “Eagerly pursue extreme challenges” and other statements that make you want to charge hell with squirt guns. I wrestled for something eloquent for days. Out of the blue, the family motto of our founder, and my hero, popped into mind: “Holzbauer’s don’t quit.” That was it. “Warriors don’t quit”. Our logo is a Samurai, the Japanese word above him is “Warrior”…it may not be elegant, but it’s perfect.

“Hello, I’m not a quitter.”

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