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Jan 062014

As 2014 rolled around I bet there were millions of fitness resolutions hitting the journals.

…I am going to join a basketball league and play three times a week! (Nevermind that you hate team sports and that you clock about 80 hours a week at work.)
So, how do you optimize a moment of resolve?  How can you make it worth your time to even write it down?

Know yourself.

“Everybody is a genius.  But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

– Albert Einstein

Not too long ago, a dear friend of mine was chatting about how our lives are really made up of a lot of mundane moments.  When you add them up, you’ve got a theme – more importantly, you’ve got a life.  What are you in the mundane moments?  Do you push yourself or are you lazy?  Do you want to live or are you dying one moment at a time?


Let me be clear about something.  If you were lazy and uninterested in 2013 with the small stuff – well, sadly, you’ll probably be that same person in 2014.  But let me offer you some hope!  Maybe you’ve become apathetic because you have a past of trying to climb a tree as a fish.  Maybe you haven’t really sat back and evaluated who you are and what you want your moments to reflect.

This year I did something different.  Instead of writing out crazy resolutions that were influenced by a trainer or more embarrassingly, a youtube video, I sat back and evaluated what I do already and decided to do more of it.

I love to run.  So, I am gonna run more this year.

I love yoga.  So, I am gonna regularly go to the Friday yoga class.

Family hikes are an inspiration to me.  So, I am gonna plan some great hiking adventures for 2014.

And guess what?  I hate swimming in a lap pool.  So, I am not gonna put swimming on my 2014 fitness list.

Don’t tell yourself that fitness isn’t your thing.  You could just be a spin cycle guy signed up for Zumba.  2014 just might be your year to do you and love it!

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