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Feb 262014
Mental Case

Physical and mental training compliment each other. We are not a set of individual systems functioning independently. We are built for movement and designed with amazing brain power. It’s my contention that the athlete is predisposed to greater mental achievement. A portion of our higher rank black belt test is scripture memory. By the time Continue Reading «Mental Case»

Feb 242014
Quick Pulley Strength Circuits

All of us have friends, family, work, etc. pulling us in many directions. Heck, I’m even feeding my 6 month old while I’m typing this! Regardless of your training goals, it’s always crucial to include strength training, but you certainly don’t need 2 hours per day. Here’s a couple of quick circuits you can do Continue Reading «Quick Pulley Strength Circuits»

Feb 192014
Bomb Shells

Yesterday, I returned from a 17-day whirlwind of training with our leaders and students in the Philippines and Taiwan. The sensation of “time travel” still gets me when I consider the 14-hour time difference. One of the remarkable things I witnessed on this trip that wasn’t karate related was a knife maker named Maestro Wu Continue Reading «Bomb Shells»

Feb 182014
Find The Groove (What's Your Motivation, Anyway?)

Over the last 6 months, I’ve had some fun with my running. In particular, I’ve toed the line at a variety of distances in a number of different area codes. Competition aside, I also made the tough decision to move back to Norman, at least temporarily. This means I don’t get to see my girlfriend Continue Reading «Find The Groove (What’s Your Motivation, Anyway?)»

Feb 172014
Tomato Bacon Basil Man Food (a.k.a. Qu_che)

It’s no secret that protein is a necessary ingredient for building muscle mass. It especially important this time of year as you are laying down a base level of fitness in preparation for the spring and summer racing season. But for some reason, I’ve never been able to embrace the name of my favorite egg Continue Reading «Tomato Bacon Basil Man Food (a.k.a. Qu_che)»

Feb 012014
Strength from Weakness

This sounds counter intuitive but I’ve recently noticed it evidenced in both obvious and subtle ways. Last Saturday, at a fundraising tournament, one of the competitors broke his foot. Though he will be temporarily weakened, in the long run, that particular portion of the bone will be stronger than it’s counterparts if allowed to heal Continue Reading «Strength from Weakness»