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Feb 012014

This sounds counter intuitive but I’ve recently noticed it evidenced in both obvious and subtle ways. Last Saturday, at a fundraising tournament, one of the competitors broke his foot. Though he will be temporarily weakened, in the long run, that particular portion of the bone will be stronger than it’s counterparts if allowed to heal properly.

More subtly, this phenomenon caught my attention while teaching. The techniques I struggled to learn properly as a student are some I now teach best. My instructors poured more knowledge, patience, and explanation into these thus I can pass the insights on to others.

When training for (what I thought would be) my first marathon, I over trained, was far too injured to compete, had to take a year off to heal, then start rehab. Because of that arduous process, I gathered a wealth of prevention and recovery methods that have seen me through five completed marathons (not fast, but finished) and into training for number six. Without that injury, I wouldn’t be able to help my friends who start running and face similar challenges.

The most significant example of strength from weakness is in the character of my dearest friends. They are the heroes who came through some very dark days, weathered repercussions of poor choices, and have otherwise been pummeled by life till even the light at the end of the tunnel seemed to flicker out. These are the men and women of character, forged by fire, who are now champions at life. Wellington Boone said, “We aren’t defined by what we are going through, but by how we are going through it.” Victors aren’t born of a life of ease. May we remember to see our “weakness” is great strength in larva stage.strength from weakness

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