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Feb 242014

All of us have friends, family, work, etc. pulling us in many directions. Heck, I’m even feeding my 6 month old while I’m typing this! Regardless of your training goals, it’s always crucial to include strength training, but you certainly don’t need 2 hours per day. Here’s a couple of quick circuits you can do that combine different planes of movement. Consider varying speeds (faster or slower) and even angles of pull (higher one day lower the next) to keep your body guessing and responding. I’ve alternated push/pull/push/pull. You can even vary the movements with frontal (lateral), sagittal (forward/backward), and transverse (rotation) if you wanted to.

Circuit 1

1. Single Arm Pulley Chest Press in a Lunge Position x12
2. Single Arm Pulley Row in a Lunge Position x12
3. Single Arm Pulley Fly with a Forward Lunge (Opposite Leg Lunging) x12
4. Single Arm Pulley Squat with a Row to Rotation (Rotate Upper Torso at Top of Movement) x12

Circuit 2

1. Single Arm Pulley Squat to Overhead Press (Pulley Behind) x12
2. Single Arm Pulley Lateral Lunge to Saber (Straight Arm Pull Away from Body-either Lunge Toward or Away from Pulley) x12
3. Single Arm Pulley Curl to Press with Pivot (Athletic Stance-Pivot as Curl to Press) x12
4. Single Arm Pulley Forward Lunge Back to Row (Lunge Toward Line of Pull and Row Coming Back) x12

Repeat each circuit 3 times. Again, depending on your goals, you could make the workout more metabolic (cardio demand with focus on fat/weight loss) or more strength focused through varying the weight you use and the speed of movement. If you get bored with pulleys, substitute dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, etc. Good luck!

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