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Mar 292014
Running Alongside: A Chance for the Children

If you haven’t heard of Matt Benjamin or Bless the Children Ministries — don’t worry you will someday.  Actually, maybe that day is today. So, Mr. Benjamin, a high school student at Regent Preparatory School, went on a trip to Uganda and met hundreds of orphans that inspired him to utilize all of his resources Continue Reading «Running Alongside: A Chance for the Children»

Mar 222014

Have you ever considered the fact that we all have to eat?  From the time you are born until you near your death date, you eat to survive.  It’s a natural and a required process.  Your body is equipped with enzymes, hunger cues, and the sensory glands to taste, smell and see the food you Continue Reading «What’s Been On The Peel?»

Mar 142014
"75% Of People Don't Care About Your Problems; 20% Are Glad You Have Those Problems"

I’m assuming the title grabbed your attention. Goal Accomplished. Now if you want to find the meaning and purpose behind that quote… read on. I try not to sensationalize myself or my “comeback,” in terms of my running. But, if you’re one of those people that have had a legitimate injury and have lost touch Continue Reading «”75% Of People Don’t Care About Your Problems; 20% Are Glad You Have Those Problems”»

Mar 122014
Balanced and Delicious: Dr. B's Vegan Almond Butter Banana Breakfast Bars

As a runner, I’ve found how important it is for me to find the right personal nutritional balance. Before heading out for a run, I like to pick a snack with plenty of carbohydrates, but not too much fat, fiber or protein (which could slow digestion, and cause “issues” on the run). For me, good Continue Reading «Balanced and Delicious: Dr. B’s Vegan Almond Butter Banana Breakfast Bars»

Mar 042014
Food Concepts: The Right Choices

Eating seems like such a basic concept. When your body is hungry, feed it. When you feel full, stop eating. Some argue that food is food and at the end of the day, calories are calories. Make sure you don’t get too many or too little.  Seems pretty basic, right? Sure, the actual act of Continue Reading «Food Concepts: The Right Choices»