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Mar 032014

Hello fellow Oklahoma Runners! Recently, I have taken on some new responsibilities which include helping a wonderful group of half and full marathoners train for the OKC Memorial Marathon in April. Coaching is a new and exciting thing for me. So far so good!

Last November, I attended a coaching class and I am now a certified USATF coach. Since January, I have been the co-coach of a group of about 75 people training for a half or full marathon. My responsibilities include: writing track workouts, coming up with weekend long run courses, counseling athletes, setting up water stops for the runs, and making sure everyone is safe while running.

I am still an assistant manager at Red Coyote, so this is a full-time, plus some job — all while training for my own races. I will admit, I am a little burnt out at times, and I have experienced some fatigue like I never have before. But, as I continue to get myself onto a set work and training schedule, its getting easier — and I’m getting a little more much needed rest.

Whenever I see one of my athletes accomplish something, all this work is totally worth it!

Feeling the Fatigue

My first marathon of 2014 was in Greenville, Mississippi. I went with two of my best training partners. We picked this marathon because it was supposed to be pancake flat, and we all thought we had a shot at new PR’s. It was a small race, which I prefer. The weather was less than desirable — 31 degrees and drizzle made for some slippery roads and bridges. The course was extremely flat. I started with a decent pace, but around mile 9, I really started to feel all of my long days and lack of sleep. I have also been dealing with a little hip trouble and that started talking to me as well. Needless to say, it was not the best marathon for me. I finished in a time of 3:10, and I was the 2nd place overall female. Not terrible, but, yes, I was really disappointed. Oh well — it gave me motivation to do better next time!

Sweet Redemption

My next race was the Post Oak Challenge 25k in Tulsa. I redeemed myself! I am not a great trail runner, but I am making an effort to do more trail races. I was really pleased with how I did at Post Oak. I was the first female with a time of 2:10. I did a road 25k in Oklahoma City this past weekend, and again I managed to pull off the win with a PR of 1:44.


(photo by Chris Barnes, DC,

Spring Outlook

What’s next? Whatever comes along, I guess. More trails I hope! I am not doing any short races in the near future, as my speed is just not there right now. I look forward to continuing to work with my training group and help get them across the finish line of their first half or full marathon.

Happy Running, All!

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