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Mar 222014

Have you ever considered the fact that we all have to eat?  From the time you are born until you near your death date, you eat to survive.  It’s a natural and a required process.  Your body is equipped with enzymes, hunger cues, and the sensory glands to taste, smell and see the food you consume.  Your body is equipped to digest, absorb, and transport the food as well.  Eating is perfectly natural and it’s perfectly fine.  So what’s the big deal about our food?  Where does the guilt come from?  What’s the concern?

The most common arguments are how the food makes its way from the original source to your mouth.  That’s the crux of thousands of disputes and disagreements, diet books, talk shows, and documentaries.  It’s a valid question to wonder where your food comes from and how it’s in the form that you eat it.  From whole foods to processed foods, you should ponder the source and the process by which you acquired it.  Just because your apple may be in its whole form does not discount the potential for what’s been placed on the peel.  Food safety should be the first concern for all of us, followed by the second concern of how much we sincerely need to eat.

That takes us to the second biggest issue: overconsumption.  Our country seems to be concerned about obesity and rightfully so.  But I beg the question: Shouldn’t we be more concerned first with food safety?  Our intake can be regulated by our own willpower (that’s another topic) but if our source of food is potentially detrimental, then overconsumption of it will exponentially compound our problems.  With that in mind, it may lead you to consider the high importance of our national food inspection system and our national food regulation laws enforced by our government agencies: FDA and USDA.

Definitely something to consider.

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