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May 272014
Beware of Repetitive Movement! Work It, In Other Ways (And Don't Forget To Rest)

It has been a very busy season, which leads me to address a simple but powerful concept I use with a lot of our athletes: cross-train in movements that you don’t normally do in your activity. I often see a seasoned runner or cyclist come into the office from injuries after working through a grueling Continue Reading «Beware of Repetitive Movement! Work It, In Other Ways (And Don’t Forget To Rest)»

May 242014

“Someday, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to do this with your students one day.” We were on mile two of the Totem to Totem half marathon in Ketchikan, Alaska. The clouds were low, the air chilly, and the water front to our right was a steely grey reflecting the drizzle that obscured our view of Continue Reading «Totem»

May 222014
Crying Kids and Painful Knees

If any of you are like me, you may have a couple of kids.  I have four.  If you are “fortunate”  enough to have kids you know there are going to be about 354 crying episodes per day that make you want to lock them in a closet until they turn 40. Wait…I’m the only Continue Reading «Crying Kids and Painful Knees»

May 212014
The Incredible Running Platform: Fundraising and Awareness

With the spring racing season nearing a close, my thoughts are turning to powering through some summer training and coming out strong for fall races. Most of the registration and selection for the “big” fall races have come and gone. Still, there is a way for you to cross one of these races off your Continue Reading «The Incredible Running Platform: Fundraising and Awareness»