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May 092014

I am surrounded by radiant women.  Women who light up a room with their contagious smiles, inviting body language, and sincerity.  The women in my life inspire me to push myself into personal, spiritual growth as I push my physical limits.  These women make me want to be beautiful.

What makes a woman beautiful?

For the real reasons, ask her children.  They will tell you the honest truth; that beauty comes in the middle of the night when they can’t sleep and mom’s arms scoop them up and hold them tight.  They will tell you beauty laughs and plays on the floor with them.  They will tell you that beautiful is the sacrifice that mom makes to eat her food cold while she serves her family a warm meal.

Real beauty is the woman who can put aside all insecurity and love without regret.  Her heart is always open to grow and stretch.  She desires to see those around her do their best.  A beautiful woman won’t allow you to have spinach in your teeth, she’ll let you know right away.

Beautiful women are rare.

They can’t be bought, but are prized possessions.  If you have them in your life, let them know.  Tell them all of the beauty that you see.  The real beauty that defines them.  Most of them walk around completely unaware of the glow that shines from them.

To all of my radiant, beautiful friends and family, “Keep shining bright and Happy Mother’s Day!



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