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May 302014

I type as I joyfully eat my Amy’s Sonoma Burger made from who-knows-what. LOL.

I am a new, self-professing vegan. That is, until I want something with cheese and then I quickly say that I am a vegetarian going on vegan.  Regardless, this girl who lived with beef jerky in her car and was nicknamed “man-food” in college for eating more manly than most men on campus, has now turned over a rather new (rather large) leaf.  Hmmm….vegan.

Why?  You might ask.  Well, as an experiment.

Eden and I are running another half marathon in Montana this summer. Being forty now, I thought I might just want to join my husband in his pursuit to eat vegan and run marathons all over the nation.  Vegan seemed good to me, as running marathons seemed ludicrous.  Oh, and as a sweet, submissive wife, I watched “Forks over Knifes” which is free on YouTube.  It’s the documentary that changed my meat-and-potato man into a vegan.


So, Eden and I decided to give this vegan idea a try.  As we train for this upcoming half marathon, we are training without our usual treats – filet and ribeye.  Instead, we’ve grown to love veggie chili over a baked potato, a little stir fry done right, and of course a good bean burrito.

And maybe, when it’s all said and done, we’ll have a new PR in Montana.  Regardless, it is a new challenge in the Epperson home that we’ve all gladly taken on – cause if we can’t challenge each other to something we grow strangely bored.

Tis’ the season for vegan….I’ll keep you posted on the longevity of this experiment.

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