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Jun 282014
Out of My Comfort Zone (Into A Taste of Road Racing)

This year I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try some road racing and experience the Saint Francis Tulsa Tough from behind the handlebars. As a brand new racer on the road, I thought it would be best to give myself a primer with the OKC Pro/AM the weekend before, just to Continue Reading «Out of My Comfort Zone (Into A Taste of Road Racing)»

Jun 202014
Don't Train Like a Dog

My apologies if this offends any canine readers or humans that disagree with my logic: As an outdoor enthusiast and dog step-owner, I often find myself trying to train alongside a black lab/mutt named Asher. I wouldn’t say our training goals are entirely incongruent, just somewhat imbalanced. We both enjoy being outside on the run, Continue Reading «Don’t Train Like a Dog»

Jun 142014
Behind A Running Mother… (Thank You!)

Behind this mother runner there is a… Saturday Morning Child Watcher Post Long Run Coffee Maker Race Day Kid Wrangler Dedicated Spectator Action Shot Photographer Sore Muscle Massager Rest Day Wine Getter Patient Listener Doubt Defeater Biggest Supporter To all the dads who back a mother runner… Happy Father’s Day!! Share this post:Continue Reading «Behind A Running Mother… (Thank You!)»

Jun 122014
Taking the "Junk" Out of Junk Food

I believe that setting a good example for my kids is one of my most important jobs as a parent. This includes all aspects of living healthy, including a good diet.  Food habits are started young, something I have no doubt noticed when sitting around the dinner table with our little ones.  Many tactics have Continue Reading «Taking the “Junk” Out of Junk Food»