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Jul 302014
Best Half Marathon I've Ever Run (Without a Medal…)

Although Eden and I were not able to make it to Montana as vegan runners, we were able to run the Missoula half marathon this month. Our vegan experiment proved to be difficult in the midst of training.  My bet is that when you choose to change your dietary habits in a dramatic way, it Continue Reading «Best Half Marathon I’ve Ever Run (Without a Medal…)»

Jul 232014
Mountain Adventure: Slopes, Storms and Streams

This time of the year typically necessitates an excursion to the mountains for some camping and trail running. Due to the tight constraints of two busy schedules, my girlfriend and I had to compact this year’s road trip into a week. As usual, I was inclined to set my sights on a run up a Continue Reading «Mountain Adventure: Slopes, Storms and Streams»

Jul 172014
TRX Functional Strength / Speed Circuit

Here’s a great sample workout that incorporates functional strength with speed intervals. Simply attach the TRX suspension trainer to a tree at your local park or use a tube wrapped around a tree. You can vary your running interval and decrease/increase time, intensity, recovery between exercises/sets, etc. Perform 8-10 reps per exercise (although I’m less Continue Reading «TRX Functional Strength / Speed Circuit»

Jul 102014
Ruck-Tastic: Independence Day

Many people spend their Fourth of July watching fireworks in their lawn chair while eating potato salad.  It’s certainly one fine way to celebrate Independence Day. In fact, this was pretty much my Fourth of July tradition in years past. But this year, I did something completely different. This year, I took on a challenge.  Continue Reading «Ruck-Tastic: Independence Day»

Jul 072014

Courage is listed as one of the chiefest virtues for the honorable samurai and it was a principle focus of our marital arts camps. One of my favorite quotes regarding courage is an old Chinese proverb: “The greatest risk is not taking one.” This summer, I’ve seen courage take all forms. – A shy white Continue Reading «Courage»