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Jul 072014

Courage is listed as one of the chiefest virtues for the honorable samurai and it was a principle focus of our marital arts camps. One of my favorite quotes regarding courage is an old Chinese proverb: “The greatest risk is not taking one.”

This summer, I’ve seen courage take all forms.

- A shy white belt answering tough questions in front of his peers.
- A 51 year young lady attempting a side kick through a concrete patio block.
- A mom leaving her youngest child for two weeks as she travels to the other side of the world to teach at karate camp, English camp, and share Christ’s love with people she’s never met.
- My Boss and hero taking on a building project (physically and financially) in Mexico without the certain backing of a helping organization.

These guys are heroes. One of the reasons I love my job is that I get front row seats to these inspiring ventures. Win or lose, they put it on the line when others might find excuses instead. “Don’t fear death. Fear a wasted life.”


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