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Jul 172014

Here’s a great sample workout that incorporates functional strength with speed intervals. Simply attach the TRX suspension trainer to a tree at your local park or use a tube wrapped around a tree. You can vary your running interval and decrease/increase time, intensity, recovery between exercises/sets, etc. Perform 8-10 reps per exercise (although I’m less concerned with reps during this functional workout). You should perform enough repetitions that you feel you’re working hard and not sacrificing form. By your third set, depending on how hard you’re running between sets, you can be as fatigued as you want to be…so here’s the circuit:

Warm Up: Multiplanar Lunges-forward, lateral, diagonal (transverse) with rotation or varied arm movement; Standing Arm Circles-keep a golfer grip and squeeze shoulder blades back while performing arm circles x40 each; Lateral Squat Walk (stay in squat and step sideways), vary by going up/down hill; Bear Crawls (step opposite foot and hand together), vary by going up/down hill.

TRX Pike (or Kneeling Tube Shoulder Extension) – Perform a plank with feet in cradles; pike hips up and down. For tube – kneel with hands holding tube and keeping arms straight, shift entire body as unit down and up.



TRX Row (or Tube Row)

TRX Reverse Lunge to Curtsy Lunge - Reverse lunge first, then crossover for curtsy lunge; come up to knee drive (or do with tube)




TRX Pull-Up or Tube Lat Pull Down -  Perform pull-up, using legs to help as needed, or get into squat and perform lat pull down with tube.




Run hard around park or area where you are training. (I was at Hunter Park in Tulsa and ran for 2-3 minutes). Repeat the circuit 3-5x.

For more ideas, check out Next blog, I’ll provide a TRX Rip Trainer workout. For those of you who haven’t tried this tool, it’s great for any asymmetrical athlete…or ALL of us! Happy training!

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