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Jul 292014

It’s time to make it official. I’m in training mode for the Williams Route 66 Marathon!

Running is a big priority in my life but it’s not my number one, two or even three on my list. I’m sure many of you reading this feel the same way. You’re an athlete, but also have a career, family, friends…

With all of the obligations I already have — why do another 26.2 mile race? I love the feeling of crossing the finish line and a medal around my neck just as much as anyone. But, for me, the greatest return has come from what I learn during the process of getting there… from the training.

Back in March, my family and I had a chance to watch the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team play in Fort Worth, Texas. Watching the team play was inspirational. I know that it takes practice to be skilled softball players. But, I can only imagine the determination and even frustration and pain that these men endured to overcome their injuries. We had the privilege of meeting team member Zach Briseño.


Zach is a Marine who lost both his legs to an IED while serving in Iraq in 2007. In the year that followed his injury, he went into training mode…

In 2008, he completed the Marine Corps Marathon on a hand cycle. Zach continues to be recognized for his strength and courage in the face of challenges.

Running gives me tangible things to train towards, like distances and times. But it has taught me that I can improve other areas of my life. I can make new habits. It’s a beautiful thing. I’ve recognized: Despite your shortcomings, limitations, your past… you can make the choice TODAY to be on the road to change your situation…You can start training.

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