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Aug 262014

School has started and extracurricular activities are picking back up. Not to mention football season kicks off this weekend. This means we have lots of people to see and places to be… and we need to be ON TIME!

I’m nearing a 12-week countdown to the Williams Route 66 Marathon. Along with that mark comes more mileage, and missing a run is even more detrimental to training. I am a firm believer in choosing the path of least resistance when it comes to timing your workout. As a mom of two young children, that always means running early in the morning. Even as a self-described “wake up and run” athlete, I did my fair share of sleeping in this summer. Now that school is back in session and 5AM runs are a necessity… it’s time to give myself a refresher course!

Today’s lesson is the letter “P”

“P” is for PLAN. “P” is for PACK. “P” is for PREPARED.

  • Set out workout clothes.
  • Pick out the day’s outfit ahead of time (and your children’s clothes if needed!)
  • Know your workout/route so you can get right to it.
  • Meal plan and make ahead foods as much as possible.
  • Set your coffee to brew on a timer or at the push of a button.
  • Pack school and work lunches/bags the night before.
  • Let your family know “THE PLAN”! This is so important. My children always do better when they know what to expect.


There is no greater feeling than completing an early morning workout… EXCEPT the feeling of finishing an early morning workout when the school lunches are packed and coffee and breakfast are ready.

It is no coincidence that “P” is also for PEACE.



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