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Sep 302014

Over the past couple of years, running has taken my family and I many places. These travels include Texas for the half at the Cowtown Marathon, Kansas City for the Hospital Hill Run and as far as Washington D.C. for the Marine Corps Marathon.

D.C. was the ultimate sight seeing "run-cation"!

D.C. was the ultimate sight seeing “run-cation”!


But so far this year I’ve done all of my racing in Oklahoma. Back in June, my children, husband and I made a quick trip out to the Scorcher Half in Stillwater. The night before the race we stayed in a hotel, ordered dinner and enjoyed a glass of wine.  Give my little ones a pool and they are happy! However, the weather didn’t quite cooperate during the race… it rained the whole time. The race was well organized, I got to see some of the OSU campus for the first time, and I proved to myself I could run 13.1 miles in the rain — so I would still call it a success!


After the race, the sun reappeared and we headed to Stillwater staple Eskimo Joe’s! It was a simple trip, but sometimes those are the best.


Stillwater Souvenirs: Half marathon medal and our Eskimo Joe’s cups

We also had the Wondertorium, a children’s museum, on the itinerary but didn’t make it. However, we enjoyed our little trip so much we made a day trip at a later date to check out the museum and I would highly recommend it if you have young ones!

This year my BIG race will be the Williams Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa. I’m really looking forward to more running in this great state and seeing what other fun stuff we can roll into race weekend.

While staying in state may not reach full on “run-cation” status, there are lots of great races and interesting places in Oklahoma. Why not take a day trip to a town you’ve always wondered about for a 5k? It’s always fun to  have a post run meal at an Oklahoma restaurant you always hear about, or make a weekend getaway for a half. I like to check out the Oklahoma Sports & Fitness event calendar for ideas and go exploring in our state.

Why not make your destination Oklahoma?

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