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Oct 222014


No matter how expertly someone can communicate directions, there are paths that can’t be described; some folks are directionally challenged, and GPS can’t always be trusted. Certainly I’m not the only one who has “arrived at my destination” in a hayfield.

We had a karate training weekend called the “ABKA Women’s Charge: because we do NOT ‘Retreat’”. To find your way from the bunkhouse to the dojo, you have to know which path to take, which fork to follow, and trust the bridges. It takes almost as long to describe the way to a new person as it takes to physically walk with them. We had ladies end up at one of the ponds, some went all the way around the running trail, and it’s not difficult to get half way there on the right path and think you’ve made a mistake. The bridges are sound, but sometimes it takes someone who has trusted them before to convince the new folks that they will hold.

The directions were best issued as: “Go WITH someone who knows the way.”

I have a number of karate books on my shelf and a growing collection of running books. They serve as resources, but I would not have achieved black belt or completed a single marathon without the sage advice of a coach who has done these things before. At each stage of life we face new challenges and there are a dizzying number of books written for each subject, but nothing replaces going with someone who has traveled the path before you.

p.s. For the ladies who mistakenly took the running trail: they only had a quarter mile to travel before returning to the beginning and choosing correctly. It wasn’t too late to find their way.

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