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Oct 242014


I was on the cover of a magazine.

What an awesome thing to be able to say. It was an amazing experience. Never in a million years would I have thought something like this could happen to me. Originally, I was told I would have a small blurb in an issue, possibly with a small picture in the corner of the corner; that was exciting! It evolved to being on the cover with a feature article inside. WOW! One word: surreal.

My nerves were on the roller coaster ride through a lot of this; the interview, the photo shoot, waiting for the issue to be released, and keeping it secret until it came out. The anticipation was worth it. I am so amazed at how well it was put together, and I was relived by the positive response I received from people that took the time to read it.

The November/December issue has been released, so the September/October issue with my face will be pulled from shelves and replaced with the new one. I look forward to reading the new issue, and I know the people included in the new issue are excited. Congratulations! THANK YOU Oklahoma Sports & Fitness Magazine for the opportunity to tell my story. I hope my story inspired someone that needed it. And more than anything, I hope it inspired someone to the point that they recognize they can be anything they want to be; and you can do anything you want. I am a firm believer in this; I am living proof.

Thank you for reading the issue. I’ll see you on my blog posts… and of course, at races and events.

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